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We provide estimates for business owners, homeowners, attorneys, and insurance companies for remodels, new construction, property damage or insurance claims, and new construction residential and commercial properties.  

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss what the focus and goal of your estimate is so we can properly assist you.

Estimates are charged on a flat rate basis and are listed below:

Residential Estimates

·         Estimate                                                                    $150 + tax

·         Estimate with roof                                                      $250 + tax

·         Specifically, a fire or flood insurance claim          $350 + tax

Commercial Estimates

·         Estimate                                                                        $250 + tax

·         Estimate with roof                                                      $350 + tax 

·         Specifically, a fire, flood, or loss of business claim $500 + tax

*If your estimate is for a legal dispute such as an insurance claim and we must speak to an adjuster or mediator to discuss the estimates we will do so and will need to adjust our compensation.  Generally, this compensation will be added to the claim or the court case by the attorney or adjuster involved and should not be of concern.

* If you have multiple estimates or your property is more than 45 minutes away, then I will charge the FAVR rate for mileage which is $0.625 per mile.